Knowing that the requirements of each of our clients are unique, WinStor, Inc. offers flexible and scalable hosting options. Our services are more versatile than traditional ISP Point of Presence (POP) sites. And our centers are engineered to give companies everything they need for strong, secure, robust, scaleable, and reliable Internet presence.
  WinStor operates from SBC's Internet Data Centers, which provide WinStor's customers with the environment they need to set up reliable, 100 percent accessible servers and/or web server farms to meet the growing demands of their users both internal and external.
  We've customized our services with your needs in mind. WinStor understands the importance of uninterrupted network operation. That's why we've deployed redundant paths, routers, switches, SAN storage, fiber lines and power sources. Since these facilities are built with N+1 redundancy from the ground up, no single point of failure exists in any system.
We guarantee it.

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