WinStor, Inc.'s Internet Data Center (IDC) services provide reliable, cost-effective co-location, maintenance and technical services. Knowing that the requirements of each of our clients are unique, WinStor offers flexible and scalable co-location options.
  Clients may lease or purchase servers. WinStor guarantees the customers' servers to be highly secure and reliable and is equipped with on premise power providing N+1 dual fed redundancy. This guarantees continuous operation for those businesses who require "near-zero" downtime.
  To insure fault-tolerance to our customers, building power is supplied through dual commercial feeds and parallel, redundant commercial transformers, along with multiple 2000 KW diesel generators. Additionally, multiple 1500 KVA UPS systems with solid-state static inverters are in place. This is all provided in a static free environment with environmental systems assuring ambience at 72 degrees and 42% humidity throughout the production area of the facility.
  Carrier entrance facilities are provided via dual SONET rings served by a minimum of two LEC CO wire centers. This provides the capability for redundant DS-3, OC-3, OC-12 and ultimately OC-48 and OC-192 bandwidth services to the facility, as well as ATM and perhaps Frame Relay packed service delivery.
  Within 15 minutes of core IDC component failure, customers will be notified via bulk email or public web site regarding any potential downtime. (Core component failure is defined as a failure of any component of the IDC that has the potential of effecting more than one customer).
  Any individual customer failure will be notified via fax, pager, email, or phone within 15 minutes of failure. (Individual customer failure is defined as a failure of any component of the IDC that will only affect an individual customer, such as a server, a port, cabling, etc).

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