Customer service is a priority at WinStor, Inc. Our fully managed Internet Data Center (IDC) services will allow you to immediately deploy your services and offer a 100 percent network operation and up-time guarantee.
  The rise of the web and e-business has had a direct impact on the network in a number of ways. The move toward "always on" business, extended business reach and rapid innovation has had a direct correlation with the underlying network. Coupled with the growing volume and sophistication of e-business related traffic, there is a requirement from businesses for solutions with increased performance and features.
  Two primary types of technologies come into play when optimizing the network; those that provide traffic cop functions such as server load balancers and data storage, and those that enhance performance such as caching and managed monitoring.
  WinStor's Basic Virtual Hands service is included with the purchase of a Dedicated Hosting option. Simply put, the service allows the NOC personnel to use their "eyes, ears, and hands" to report and provide customer feedback regarding any potential problems on their equipment. This service is performed on our customers' behalf without the involvement of tools or equipment.
  WinStor's Virtual Hands service is a direct response to the needs of our customers. Our IDC services are staffed with a highly skilled and diverse support team 24x7, who proactively monitor the network. This service allows the customer to utilize the IDC services on a 24x7x365 basis to provide two primary services - maintenance/troubleshooting and installation/configuration.

  WinStor's service offerings address the complexity of business requirements, while also providing an infrastructure unprecedented by others.


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